Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thing 43- Online TV and Video

This is one web 2.0 tool that I am not excited about. I checked out both Hulu and Joost. I thought Hulu was easier to navigate, but I really did not find any programs that I was eager to watch.
I did watch an episode of SNL and it was funny. But, only if I had nothing else at all to do, would I bother to sit down and watch Hulu. I do not watch a lot of TV and the shows I do enjoy are on PBS or cable.
At first, I thought this would put cable out of business but I did not find many movies either. I watched Snow Walker and was not engaged in the movie. I think I need an easy chair and a bowl of popcorn to enjoy a movie.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thing 42 - Music 2.0

I really enjoyed this web 2.0 activity. I had never tried internet radio. I found several stations on live365 and enjoyed trying out different music genres. It is an easy way to find stations and music to listen to.
I also created an account in Pandora. It was easy but I had a difficult time stopping. I kept wanting to see what was the next song and group. I found I enjoyed almost all of the music selected and actually was surprised at some of the groups I did enjoy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thing 41- Mashup Your Life

I have to admit I have had trouble staying connected with all of my accounts and Web 2.0 associations. I love my igoogle home page because at least several of my identities are easily accessed there.
I joined friendfeed. I am following President Obama. I invited a couple of friends to follow. I added my flickr and blog and twitter to my services.
I will try this for awhile but this stream of information is overwhelming. I think I need to retire to keep track of all of my social connections. This is why people can spend so much "screen time".

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thing 40 -Mashup the Web

It is amazing what people have thought to do with their time. I checked out the author BookTour mashup. I like to keep the families aware of opportunities to meet authors so I can see the value of the tool.
Lazy Library produced so many books for my subject that it did not seem helpful.

I created a fun concentration game with my family photos and emailed it to my daughter at Flickr Memari-Create.

I think I will use Wheel of Fun in the future, my family always has a hard time deciding where to eat. All of the above tool were very easy to use.

Thing 39 Digital Storytelling

I postponed this thing because I have no interest in scrapbooking. The few times I have been dragged into a venture I have hated it. But perhaps, because it involved flowers and words I had fun using Scrapblog. It was very easy. I just uploaded pictures, used the free backgrounds and stickers and created a scrapbook. I plan to have student use this next year as a simple way to organize photos of school activities.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thing 38- Screencasting

I looked at screen-cast-o-matic and screentoaster, but decided to use Jing. It was very easy. I had to redo my screencast a few times to get it right but the tool was very easy. It was easier than I expected. I will use this screencast in the school library and I can think of many other subjects to screencast.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thing 37 - Photo Tales

At first, I did not want to display personal photos, so I spent a lot of time finding Jane Austen photos on FlickrrCC. I made a collage on collgr of Jane Austen action figurines. That was fun. But in the end. I wanted to show off my granddaughter. So I returned to Flickr and uploaded new pictures and created a slide show. Just watching the show puts a smile on my face.