Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thing 28 Custom Home Pages

I had created a google home page previously, but only visited it when I wanted to read my RSS ( google reader). I am determined to make it my home page on my work computer this time and really utilize the widgets. Please do not tell my principal because it has a time absorbing game on it. Which was one of the reasons I avoided igoogle before. I like igoogle, I looked at Netvibes and Pageflakes (my favorite name), but I stayed with igoogle because better the devil you know. It is very easy to add widgets and easy to move them around. I added google maps because I often use it and I added a widget that shows all the places in the world I need to visit. I would have added a few more but I was busy playing my game. I recommend colorjunction if you have nothing but time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thing 27 Twitter

I had heard about Twitter before this, but I had no idea of the number and variety of people who tweet. I watched all of the videos and read the materials, but what struck me was the man who said he spent three hours a day on Twitter. WHAT? I prefer to twitter probably to blogging. I like that it is short, you just need to get the message across and do not need to say anything all that profound. Having stated that, I find do enjoy reading blogs especially on literature. So in tweet language - like to write tweet and read blog. I would love to twitter for my students "maimek - great new mystery London Eye Mystery, but must return over due book if you want to check it out:)" I am afraid if I twittered my children they would end up blocking me. This was a great learning experience.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thing 26 - Ning

I joined Ning in round 1 and frankly, never revisited or even really remembered much about it:(
After looking at it again, I thought it was another "facebook" time consumer. But I visited another librarian's place and realized what good connections for a librarian. I am a private elementary school librarian and there are not too many of us left. A group would be useful. I also enjoyed reading the Anokaberry group postings. I am always interested in book reviews of children's books.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thing 25

I have started this blog at least three times and had to quit before I was finished. I love some of the widgets especially the children's picture book art gadget. But, I had to delete it because it did not not work. I took Mick's advice and tried Odiogo and she was right! It was easy. I was not that interested in adding voice to my blog because I do not think that many people read it. If I had a well-known blog, a voice component would be helpful. I also did the quick poll - Glowday. It was very simple, perhaps my poll was not judicious but I am interested in the results. I also added my favorite blog on Jane Austen to my sidebar. Very easy, and I am sure that many people are also interested Jane Austen. There were too many options in Thing 25. I wanted to check out all of the gadgets before I decided, but I just did not have the time. Again, I plan to revisit and play with the tools some day.